Unprecedented Analytics

Proprietary Interactive Campaign Dashboard


Our dashboard provides advertisers, agencies & media owners multiple campaign KPIs they can choose from

to ‘Track & Analyze’, as well as overlay historical same-store-sales to calculate their ROI.

Drive By Impressions

Total Number of Stores

We are able to track the total number of stores that will get maximum exposure during each campaign. We calculate the total number of stores for the duration of the campaign along each route and for each trip taken along that route. This is the foundation of our tracking system.

Total Number of Drive-By Impressions

Through Real-Time GPS tracking of our trailers, we are able to capture each time a branded trailer comes within a 1 1/2 of a mile buffer from your store. We also capture the exact time & date the branded trailer passes your store so we can look at the direct impact of the ad.

Cost Per Drive-By

Think of this as "Cost per Click" for digital ad placement. This is calculated by taking the campaign cost divided it by the total number of "Drive-By" Impressions during each campaign. This will be the used to calculate the campaign ROI. Our cost per Drive-By Impression is lower than 95% of traditional CPM/CPC cost in the industry.  

Cost Allocation of Drive By Impressions

By tracking Impressions at the local store level, it allows flexibility of cost allocation for the campaign. You can roll the cost under the national brand budget or have each individual store pay for each 

drive-by they receive during the campaign duration. 

Customizable Campaign Reporting

All of the information above will be placed into a detail campaign report at the completion. We will then build a report that captures all desired KPIs allowing you to calculate a ROI for each campaign you run with

 StreetGreen Media.

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