Increased Exposure Is The Key

Unprecedented Coverage


Current Inventory of over 

500 trailers and growing!

Research shows that the average semi-truck driven at peak times in selected areas, will be seen by a monthly audience of 4 million.

Just 50 of our trailers cover over 800,000 miles in a two month period.

Custom Targeting

With our inventory of trailers, we are able to specifically target any region your brand does business. We can also target specific locations along our routes to increase same store sales for your brand.  

What is a Trailer Skirt


A Unique Marketing Opportunity  

StreetGreen Media combines this aerodynamic technology with proven vehicle wrap vinyls to turn these durable panels into highly visible, attractive and dynamic billboards. We then apply a Super-Hydrophobic treatment to the wrap using Nanotechnology to repel all liquid, dirt and road grime to protect the brand and ensure the ads remain clean.

 The Interstate of Things (ISoT)

These rolling ads provide massive amounts of trackable, scalable and affordable brand coverage along millions of miles of interstate to influence customers moments before they make a decision on food, gas, lodging, C-store brands, travel/tourism, automotive-related products and much more.

Why It Works


Drive Time Is Buy Time!

During road trips, most decisions are made on impulse such as where to eat, where to sleep, where to get gas and many other travel related decisions.

Greater Visual Impact

Interactive exposure could last minutes on the road verses a few seconds for a roadside billboard. It also generates repetitive exposure while driving down the road and takes up increased visual real-estate with each ad being less than 5ft from your customer outside their window.