Build Your Custom Campaign




We will custom build a campaign to meet your marketing strategy and budget. This will always be the baseline for your campaign. 

We can work with budgets as low as $3,000.



We design your custom campaign using the multiple factors; Number of Stores, Duration of Campaign and our Inventory Coverage to assess a strategy that works for you, helping your campaign achieve it’s full potential.



We get your campaign on the road:

We handle it all: Creative Approval, Creative asset generation, Ad placement, Route assignment and then getting your ad on the road.



Each campaign comes with it’s own monthly Analytic Summary showing each campaign’s ROI and all pertinent KPIs, thus tracking and assuring the campaign’s maximum efficiency.


Our Pricing Model Is Structured To Maximize Your ROI


Our Pricing model is built for two separate campaign styles:

Transaction Driven Store Impressions

This model is targeted to drive direct transactions to brands such as restaurants, lodging, C-stores, automotive and Travel/Tourism. The campaign is designed to get the maximum number of "Drive-By" Impressions for the brand. Driving customers on the road to stop by the stores along the route and transact directly impacting same-store sales.

National Brand Coverage

This model is for brands that want nationwide brand exposure such and soft drinks, energy drinks, cell phone carriers and others. This campaign is designed to maximize the number of traditional impressions.

Campaign Cost = Number of Branded Trailers + Total Miles Traveled + Duration (months)

$35,000 = 5 Trailer Ads + 80,000 miles + 1 month

For two detailed case studies on our campaign pricing and ROI please see below.

Case Studies

Drive-By Impressions


National Fast Food Chain

Total Budget $67,522

17 Branded Trailers @$3,000 per trailer

165,220 Miles @ .10¢ per mile 

340 Trips along 17 Routes

Covering 1,021 Unique Stores

40,840 Individual Drive-Bys

Cost Per Drive-By Impression $0.80

The Customer uses same store sales to calculate a ROI for the campaign based on incremental transactions at the 1,021 stores. With a Cost per drive by @ $0.80 and an average transaction cost of $7.34, they needed just one incremental transaction per drive-by to have a positive ROI for each Drive-By.

National Brand Coverage


National Energy Drink Brand

Total Budget  $202,566

17 Branded Trailers @3,000

165,220 Miles @ .10¢ per mile 

1,021 trips along 17 Routes

395,660 Total Miles Covered

The customer wanted the largest coverage gaining nationwide brand exposure .

This campaign was designed to maximize the number of traditional over the road impressions for a brand while still finding customers on the route to buy their product at any location that carries their brand

For a detailed description of StreetGreen Media's Analytic capabilities visit our Analytics Section.

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