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StreetGreen Media’s “Emission Prevention Team” has created a new Out-of-Home Eye-Level Mobile Advertising channel supported with Programmatic Digital Ads, while taking measurable actions to prevent the release of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) into the atmosphere.

Why It Works

Increased Brand Exposure

Brands must increase exposure and awareness along the roadway and on digital devices to influence customers before that critical decision-making point.

Dual Approach Campaign

Design your custom campaign using multiple factors: Duration, Geography, Demographic Attributes and other factors to assess a strategy that works for your brand. Your campaign will achieve it's full potential on the road and digitally.

Unprecedented Analytics

Our Proprietary Interactive Dashboard enables brands to Track and Analyze multiple KPIs such as Drive-by-Impression, Digital Impressions and ROI.

See Our Unique Canvas

Why Trailer Skirts?

A unique marketing opportunity reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions one mile at a time. StreetGreen Media combines this aerodynamic technology with proven vehicle wrap vinyl to turn these durable panels into highly visible, attractive and dynamic billboards.

Customized Campaigns


Your Brand Your Budget

We will custom build a campaign to meet your marketing strategy and budget. This will always be your starting point for your campaign. 

We can work with budgets as low as $3,000. With our inventory of trailers, we are able to specifically target specific locations along our routes to increase same-store-sales for your brand. Adding an overlay of Programmatic Digital advertising to the area of the truck routes give an additional dimension to the brand’s awareness. This will catch customers that live within a 5-mile radius of the ad’s route, as well as travelers that pass through the area.

Greatly increasing your brand exposure.

Eye-Level Mobile Coverage

Just 50 of our trailers cover over 800,000 miles in a 2 month period. Research shows that the average tractor trailer driven at peak times in selected areas, will be seen by a monthly audience of 4 million people.

Dual Exposure Strategy

Eye-Level Mobile Billboards supported with programmatic digital advertising: Not only will your brand be traveling on our highly populated routes, it will also be promoted with digital ads to anyone that comes within a 5-mile radius of your brands route with each specific campaign.

Tactics - We've got you covered

We get your campaign on the road and online. We handle it all from creative approval, Creative asset generation, Ad placement and Route assignment. We are with you every step of the journey.


Campaign comes with monthly Analytic Summary showing the campaign's unique data points. Using both Out-of-Home and digital data inputs with customers sales data, we can give a "pure" ROI for every campaign.

Our Pricing is Built for Two Campaign Styles

Transaction Driven

This model’s strategy is to target customers currently on the road for direct transaction to individual stores such as restaurants, lodging, gas stations and automotive service shops. The campaign is designed to get the maximum number of “Drive-Bys” as well as digital impressions for your brand.

National Brand Coverage

This model’s strategy is to get your brand nationwide, regional or local coverage. We can go nationwide or focus on a specific geographic location to get your brand unprecedented exposure. This model is perfect for soft drinks, health & wellness, cell phone carriers and movie studios.

Our Pricing is Built for Two Campaign Styles

Transaction Strategy

A national restaurant chain wanted to gain as many "Drive-By" impressions as possible to dive customers to their stores.

Total Budget: $60,000

10 Branded Trailers for 2 months

300 trips along 10 unique routes

Covering 1,021 Unique Stores

30,630 Individual “Drive-By” Impressions

Cost per “Drive-By” $0.51

$6,000 programmatic digital ad purchase

Digital CPM (Cost per Thousand) $8.00

750,000 targeted digital ad impressions

Brand Coverage Strategy

A movie studios wanted to promote its latest movie release and get nation wide exposure. They are running a one month blitz campaign.

Total Budget: $60,000

20 Branded Trailers for 1 month

300 trips along 20 unique routes

245,000 total miles covered

~80 million on the road impressions

Cost per mile $0.24

$6,000 programmatic digital ad purchase

Digital CPM (Cost per Thousand) $8.00

750,000 targeted digital ad impressions

Unprecedented Analytics

Interactive Campaign Dashboard

Our dashboard provides advertisers, agencies & media owners multiple campaign KPIs they can choose from to ‘Track & Analyze’, as well as overlay historical same-store-sales to calculate their ROI.

Total Number of Stores:

We are able to track the total number of stores to ensure maximum exposure during each campaign. This allowed us to create the concept of “Drive-By” Impressions, similar to Digital Ad Impressions creating the foundation of our tracking system.

Total Number of Drive-By Impressions:

Through Real-Time GPS tracking of our trailers, we are able to capture each time a branded trailer comes within a 1 1/2-mile buffer from your store. We also capture the exact time & date the branded trailer passes your store so we can determine the direct impact of the ad.

Cost Per “Drive-By”:

Think of this as “Cost per Click” for digital ad placement. This is calculated by taking the campaign cost divided by the total number of “Drive-By” Impressions during each campaign. This will be used to calculate the campaign ROI. Our cost per “Drive-By” Impression is lower than 95% of Out-of-Home CPM/CPC cost in the industry.

Cost Allocation of Drive-By Impressions:

By tracking impressions at the local store level, it allows flexibility of cost allocation for each campaign. You can roll the cost under the national brand budget or have each individual store pay for each “Drive-By” they receive during the campaign’s duration. 

Digital Targeting & Footprint:

10% of every campaign will go to Programmatic Digital Advertising. We will target these ads geographically by Geo-Fencing the campaign route with a 5-mile bubble. We can then segment the audience with over 500 individual demographic attributes such as: Age, Income level, Past purchase history and other pertinent attributes your brand desires. We will report on traditional digital attributes, such as: Impressions, Clicks, Click Through Rates, Conversions and Total spend.

Our Geo-Fence Targeting will not only capture potential customers within a targeting bubble, it will capture potential customers passing through that bubble vastly expanding your brand coverage throughout the campaign.

Custom Reporting

If you need custom reporting just ask. We have hundreds of data points that we can report on for your brand. Meeting every analytical need you have.

A New Profitable Partnership for Fleet Owners

Earn Up To $120,000 Annually on a fleet of 100 trailers while saving hard cost from federal EPA regulations

StreetGreen Media is a revolutionary new marketing channel helping the trucking industry offset the cost of newly federal mandates and create an additional revenue stream to increase your fleet’s profit margins.


Cost Savings – We can help in 2 ways:

First is we buy your trailer skirts for you. If you become a StreetGreen Advertising Partner, we will provide a brand new set of trailer skirts custom fitted for each of your trailers that will participate in our program. We will also replace them if they are damaged. That is thousands of dollars saved in hard cost.

Second our skirts will provide substantial fuel savings for your fleet. Our skirts can reduce fuel consumption from 3-12%. This will add to the fleet savings when you partner with StreetGreen Media in our new revolutionary

Eye-Level Mobile Advertising Billboards.

Revenue Stream – Hard cash to your bottom line. 

StreetGreen Media will pay you $100 for every month your trailers are running our Ads. This could be a substantial new revenue stream without you having to do anything new. For example a fleet of 50 trailers running Ads for 6 months could generate $30,000.

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