Out of Home Advertising
The InterState of Things

Interactive Data Driven Ads

Increased Exposure


With just 50 trailers in a 2-month time period your brand can cover 800,000 miles that equals

3 trips to the moon or 32X around the earth.

All ads are tracked with Real-Time visibility capturing your potential customer impressions as well as time stamps of your individual store impressions.

Customize Campaigns


To stay top-of-mind and increase sales, brands must increase exposure and awareness along the roadways to influence customers moments before that critical decision-making process. We allow you to build unique campaigns to meet your marketing strategies such as individual store impressions, geographic locations and market demographics. 

Unprecedented Analytics


Our interactive dashboard enables advertisers, agencies and media buyers to ‘Track and Analyze’ multiple  campaign KPIs, as well as overlay historical same-store-sales to calculate their ROI, thus returning easy to read and shareable comprehensive reports that provide actionable insights. Allowing you to learn from each campaign.

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